Our premium maize hybrids are perfectly adapted to your region, soil condition and climate – resulting in outstanding yields!



We develop competitive silage and grain maize hybrids for European key markets and maturity zones. The Dow Seeds maize breeding program foundation was developed through the merger of three established regional European breeding programs in 2008. With the experience and cumulated genetic pool of companies such as Cargill, Mycogen, MTI and SWS we can now offer the most unique genetics that result in cutting-edge hybrids. Profit from higher yield with certainty!

Bred for the better, tested for your specific field

Our broad network of six European breeding stations allows us to easily identify which germplasm is best adapted to which region and climate zone. This enables us to develop exactly those hybrids that are perfectly adapted to your specific region, soil condition and climate.

The secret behind our maize hybrids: the breeding strategy

For our maize segments, we focus our breeding strategy on reducing the cycle length of parental components and hybrid development. Dow Seeds uses state-of-the-art innovative breeding technologies such as high throughput molecular markers, dihaploids for inbred line development and efficient silage quality parameter evaluation with near infrared spectroscopy to ensure maximum genetic gain per time period.

On top of these key technologies, Dow Seeds Europe benefits from the significant investment in advanced technologies supporting genotyping, phenotyping and predictive models. With these developments in place you can expect more competitive hybrids reaching the European market place both short and long term.

Beyond that, Dow Seeds has opened three brand new breeding stations in Europe in the last two years – for the best seeds for your specific region.

The fastest growing seed company in the maize market in Europe

As you know, hard work usually pays off. With the word about the top quality of Dow Seeds Maize genetics spreading, we have become the fastest growing seed company in Europe today – both in terms of sales and the size of our Maize portfolio.

Still not 100% convinced? Try our seeds with certainty now.

Tried and tested: Most farmers buy Dow Seeds again, once they have tested our genetics. In fact, the repurchasing rate of our maize seeds is unrivalled in Europe.

We are convinced that we will also convince you once you have tried our hybrids. That’s why we offer farmers several ways to safely test our seeds. Just contact your Dow Seeds sales representative to learn about the different trials we offer.


Name Country Product Details
Surreal Russia Product Details
DA Sonka Russia Product Details
DS0479B Russia Product Details
DS1202B Russia Product Details
DS1382A Russia Product Details
DS0336 Romania Product Details
DS0610C Romania Product Details
DA Sonka Romania Product Details
DS0747D Romania Product Details
DA Scipio Romania Product Details
MT261 Romania Product Details
DS1071C Romania Product Details
DS1083C Romania Product Details
DS1326D Romania Product Details
DS1089C Romania Product Details
DS0791C Romania Product Details
DS1304C Romania Product Details
MT261 Hungary Product Details
DA Sonka Hungary Product Details
MT Matado Hungary Product Details
DS0336 Hungary Product Details
DS1083C Hungary Product Details
DS1089C Hungary Product Details
DS1071C Hungary Product Details
DS0747D Hungary Product Details
DS0791C Hungary Product Details
DS23188C new Hungary Product Details
DS1157A Ukraine Product Details
DS1385A Ukraine Product Details
DS0493B Ukraine Product Details
DS0479B Ukraine Product Details
МТ261 Ukraine Product Details
Survivor Ukraine Product Details
DS1176B Ukraine Product Details
DS1202B Ukraine Product Details
DS0918B Ukraine Product Details
DS0336 Ukraine Product Details
DS1071C Ukraine Product Details
DS1522C Ukraine Product Details
DS1304C Ukraine Product Details
DA Sonka Ukraine Product Details
DS0791C Ukraine Product Details
DS0706C Ukraine Product Details
DS1083C Ukraine Product Details
Surreal Ukraine Product Details
MT Matado Ukraine Product Details
DS2119B new Ukraine Product Details

Sándor Nagy
self-employed farmer, Hungary

My fields are quite heterogeneous, with gravelly and sandy patches. Dow Seeds offers stress and drought tolerant maize hybrids that have resulted in a significant increase in both yield and grain moisture. I am quite impressed.


Megan De Velvis

+41 227175065