Let’s be honest: Market conditions in a globalized world have become rather competitive. That’s why Dow Seeds does not only develop the most reliable and high-yield seeds, but continues to facilitate your business with unexpected answers to market trends, highly demanded crop concepts like Omega-9 oilseeds, tailor made services and even integrated contract farming concepts. To put it in a nutshell, unique ideas that give our partners significant competitive advantages.

Omega-9 oilseed: The next generation of vegetable oils

Our new generation of Omega-9 oil hybrids has been developed using conventional plant breeding without any genetic modification. The innovative Omega-9 oils have zero trans fat, the lowest amount of saturated fat among oils and feature more than 70% heart-healthy mono-saturated fat while offering high heat stability, a long shelf life and a great taste profile of foods.

A healthy, growing market

Healthy for consumers, rewarding for your business. As Omega-9 oils are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of food applications, they have already removed more than 1/2 billion kilos of trans and saturated fat from the American diet. With more than one billion pounds of Omega-9 oils on the market and growing, these oils are a breakthrough when it comes to improving the world’s health challenges. Profit from the great demand for Omega-9 oil!

“Farm to Fork” for guaranteed sales

With the help of our dedicated sales force, Dow Seeds has become the only seed company that is continuously establishing a firm demand for Nexera Rapeseed, which produces our Omega-9 oil for crushers, oil processors and food companies. Dow Seeds has created an integrated approach from farm to fork, adding profitability to the value chain and offering full traceability to the food industry. Your benefits? Guaranteed sales at a great price.

Join the “Farm to Fork” program

Are you interested in Nexera Rapeseed for our Omega-9 oils program, the “Farm to Fork” concept? Benefit from this profitable business model.

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