The story from Romania

As he wasn’t happy with his current results, Suciu Cornel was looking for new corn and sunflower genetics in 2013. After talking to his Dow Seeds contact, he was ready to give our high quality genetics a try. The result? A significantly higher corn and sunflower yield - despite the poor weather conditions. It comes as no surprise that Suciu Cornel decided to stick with Dow Seeds for his corn and sunflower fields in the following year!

Becoming a legend in Hungary

Sándor Nagy’s fields in Western Hungary are extremely heterogeneous, with gravelly and sandy patches. They simply didn’t give him the maize yield he was looking for. He knew: Things had to change. After talking to his Dow Seeds contact and learning about new stress and drought tolerant hybrids offering high yield stability, he decided to give it a try. The results? A significant and sustainable increase in yield combined with good drydown rates, even during drought years. No wonder that Sandor Nagy doesn’t even think about going back!

Russian Seed Success

As the General Manager of the farm “Soglasie” in the Lipetsk region, Mr. Sheverdiyaev accounts for its overall performance. Therefore, he is constantly looking for those solutions that offer the best value beyond yield. After trying the Dow Seeds oil seed rape and high oleic sunflower seeds on demo plots, he decided to use the new seeds for almost the entire oilseed area in the following year. The results? Due to the substantially higher yield and its outstanding oil contents the Soglasie team could substantially increase their overall profit that year.

The experience in Ukraine

Before things get better, they have to change first: When Sergii Vialyi wasn’t too happy about his maize yield, for example, he decided to join an event where he personally witnessed the performance of Dow Seeds maize hybrids in the fields. He became curious and decided to give the new seeds a try. A decision he has never regretted: “Dow Seeds hybrids provide a high and stable level of yield each year. Thus I have considerably increased my maize profits since I started working with Dow Seeds.”

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