Dow Seeds offers a range of varieties to help you grow winter cereals with success. We offer cereal varieties that address the issues our customers say are most important: high yields, fast emergence, standability and disease resistance. Look to our customer-first, technology-driven cereal varieties for an option that supports your high performance.

Product Name Traits Crop Type Class Maturity Test Weight Lodging Score
Branson PBR, Winter Wheat Soft Red Mid Maturity 7.5 7.5
Emmit - Winter Wheat Soft Red Mid-Full Maturity 8 8
DS572SRW (NEW) PBR91 Winter Wheat Soft Red Mid-Full Maturity 8.5 7
Ava - Winter Wheat Soft White Full Maturity 7.5 7
HY 301-HRW PBR91 Winter Wheat Hard Red Mid Maturity 9 8.5
DS654SRW (New) PBR Winter Wheat Soft Red Early 7.5 7.5
DS743SRW (New) PBR Winter Wheat Soft Red Mid-late 8.5 7

Product availability may vary. Please contact your Dow Seeds Seed Partner for specific products in your area.

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