Grain Corn

02 | 08 | 2017


PowerCore Tech Sheet

SUPERIOR ABOVE GROUND CONTROL. PowerCore trait technology combines three Bt proteins for unmatched control of above-ground pests like European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm, Black Cutworm and Soutwestern Corn Borer.

02 | 08 | 2017


Introducing the Enlist™ Weed Control System

The Enlist™ weed control system will change how you think about weed management in corn. Right now, farmers can purchase elite Enlist corn hybrids for the 2018 season and take control of resistant and hard-to-control weeds.

29 | 08 | 2017


New grain corn hybrids for 2018 planting

Selecting a dual purpose corn or using a silage specific corn can be a personal choice, based on your farming needs. Tim Borho, Commercial Agronomist with Dow Seeds discusses both options.

06 | 06 | 2017


Choosing the right seed treatment for your conditions

Holly Loucas, Customer Agronomist at Dow Seeds tells us about the importance of a seed treatment for vitality after planting as well as choosing the correct seed treatment based out your soil and environmental conditions.

20 | 04 | 2017


Important Points for Giving Your Corn Crop the Best Start

The period from seeding to emergence is very important to attain maximum yield for your corn crop. Daniel Masse, Commercial Agronomist with Dow Seeds discusses what to look for as your crops start their growing season.

24 | 11 | 2016


Plot Results

It’s great to have lots of information before making a critical decision like seed selection. Holly Loucas, Commercial Agronomist for Dow Seeds walks through reading both research plot and field scale head-to-head comparison data.

06 | 10 | 2015


Assessing Frost Damage in Corn

Once early planted corn emerges, it is susceptible to frost injury. The stage of corn development when frost hits is key to the degree of crop damage.

08 | 10 | 2015


Corn Kernel Development

Learn more about what is happening inside corn kernels during the main growth stages of development

08 | 10 | 2015


Can Yield Potential be Maintained when Early Frost Occurs

Select corn hybrids that are expected to reach physiological maturity before the average date when freeze risk is greater than 50%.

09 | 11 | 2015


Estimating Corn Yields – Tim Welbanks, Dow Seeds

Looking to estimate how much corn you’ll harvest for storage, forward selling, feeding or cash flow planning? Tim Welbanks, product development agronomist with Dow Seeds explains a simple process that will give you an estimate of what your corn crop will yield.

13 | 10 | 2015


Fungicide on Corn

The interest in using foliar fungicides on corn has expanded dramatically over the past few years, changing how corn is managed on many farms. The current trend is to use foliar fungicides to maximize yields, often in the absence of disease pressure.

18 | 12 | 2015


The Future of Dow Seeds

Rolando Meninato - The Future of Dow Seeds Canada

06 | 10 | 2015


Gibberella Ear Rot

Gibberella ear rot produces multiple mycotoxins that are harmful to both humans and animals, and requires some special management when present.

06 | 10 | 2015


Grain and Silage Corn Frost Injury

When damaging frosts hit corn fields close to harvest time, it is important to assess the damage to manage the harvest practices and crop expectations.

06 | 10 | 2015


Top Six Problems in Young Corn

Keep young corn plants healthy and maximize yields at harvest by scouting for these six problems. Properly identifying problems in early season corn leads to well-informed decisions on insect management, herbicide application and replanting.

06 | 10 | 2015


Green Snap in Corn

Green snap is characterized by broken stalks of the corn plant caused by high winds. Learn more about the factors that affect it and ways to manage the risk.

09 | 10 | 2015


Can Yield Potential be Maintained after Early Frost?

Select corn hybrids that are expected to reach physiological maturity before the average date when freeze risk is greater than 50 percent.

06 | 10 | 2015


Optimum Corn Planting Dates

The best corn crops in Ontario and Quebec are usually planted in late April and the first half of May because the crop is able to utilize the full growing season.

13 | 10 | 2015


The Decision to Replant, or Not

Replanting a corn field damaged by heavy rains, pests, or poor emergence can be the most difficult decision. Consider these six steps when looking at the option of replanting early in the season.

12 | 01 | 2016


Selecting a Corn Hybrid

Tim Welbanks, product development agronomist for Dow Seeds, is in the business of finding the best genetics for a broad variety of growing conditions. His goal is to ensure Dow Seeds has the right products for your farms.

09 | 10 | 2015


Western Bean Cutworm

Recent field studies looked into the factors contributing to higher populations of western bean cutworm in "hotspots" in Ontario

09 | 10 | 2015


Western Bean Cutworm 2013 Trap Network

The Western Bean Cutworm Trap Network has been a huge success over the past five years. With your help OMAF monitored 305 traps in Ontario and Quebec in 2013

07 | 10 | 2015


Weed Facts

Learn more about how long weed seeds can live, how weed density affects crop yields, and the long-term impact of glyphosate-resistant weeds.