03 | 04 | 2018


Back to the fields

It’s finally spring and that means it’s time to get back into the field! There are a number of things that you can do this spring to get ready for planting - whether it’s making sure you have enough space for your seed delivery or making sure your equipment is ready to go.

06 | 03 | 2018


Is your soil ready for planting?

Want to find out what the optimal soil temperature is for your crop? Elgin Macfarlane, Agronomist, helps to explain the different soil temperature crops require for germination.

23 | 01 | 2018


Circle the Planter

Spring planting is fast approaching and it's time to make sure that your planter is ready.

07 | 12 | 2017


Happy Holidays!

As you gather with friends and family over the holidays, it is our hope that you can enjoy the warmth and wonders of the season, and have some time away from all of the demands of work.

14 | 06 | 2017


Dow AgroSciences Announces Launch of Enlist Corn for 2018 Planting -- Enlist™ Corn Trait Approved for Import to China

CALGARY — [JUNE 14, 2017] — Enlist™ corn will be commercially available in Canada for the 2018 growing season. Dow AgroSciences announced the launch today after the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China approved the import of grain produced from corn containing the Enlist trait.

12 | 01 | 2017


Seed Delivery Tips

Dow Seeds Territory Sales Rep Drew Pearson covers the 6 key points you should consider before you receive your seed.

07 | 10 | 2015


Applying Foliar Fertilizer in Summer

Plants require macronutrients, elements required in larger quantities; and micronutrients, those required in smaller quantities. Both nutrients are important and required by the plant in different quantities and concentrations.

23 | 10 | 2015



Corn and wheat growers should watch for an outbreak of armyworms in corn seedlings, pastures and hay fields each spring.

06 | 10 | 2015


Best Time for Soil Sampling

After harvest is a great time to take soil samples. Best practice is to be consistent -- sample after each crop every year in your rotation – wheat, corn and soybeans. In this video, Holly explains how to take soil samples for fertility and Soybean Cyst Nematode and what to do with the results once received.

02 | 11 | 2016


Choosing more than one hybrid or variety

Risk management and spreading out workload starts with choosing your seed. Jessica Wettlaufer, Territory Sales Representative for Dow Seeds talks about the benefits of choosing multiple companion products for your farm.

24 | 11 | 2016


Five reasons to buy in the fall

Now is a great time to order your seed for 2017 planting, according to Jessica Wettlaufer, Territory Sales Representative for Dow Seeds

10 | 12 | 2015

Neonicotinoids: Next Steps

Neonicotinoids: Next Steps

This past summer, Marketing Manager Marty Vermey made several presentations about the new neonicotinoid regulations to seed partners at various agronomy days sponsored by Dow Seeds. Here is a video of one of those presentations.

10 | 02 | 2015


Protect Nitrogen in Your Soil

Nitrogen Stabilizers - N-Serve and eNtrench from Dow AgroSciences.

14 | 04 | 2016


Stop and Ask

With every season, there’s new family fun to be had on the farm. But it’s only fun if everyone is safe. So make it a habit to always stop and ask.

11 | 03 | 2016


Take Control of Planting

Planting is the only time of year when farmers are truly in charge.

07 | 10 | 2015


Weed Facts

Learn more about how long weed seeds can live, how weed density affects crop yields, and the long-term impact of glyphosate-resistant weeds.