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At A Glance

  • 25 grain corn hybrids
  • 19 industry-leading silage-specific corn hybrids
  • 30 soybean varieties
  • 6 crop types
  • Customer focused

Customer-first Technology. Dow Seeds.

Guided by grower needs, driven by innovation, Dow Seeds is committed to excellence in seed and trait technology. We deliver advanced agriculture seeds and specialized recommendations to support our customers' high performance.

Our product line includes seed hybrids and varieties for: grain corn, silage corn, soybeans, cereals and alfalfa. We provide a range of innovative traits and advanced proprietary seed technologies to help produce maximum yields under diverse conditions.

Committed to Your Success

Peopled by a staff of agronomists who’ve been raised on the farm and fully trained in agriculture, we offer specialized recommendations to help you select the best seed for your conditions so you can plant profitable crops, field by field.